Home Automation

Home Automation

Tips and Tricks for Home Automation

14 Feb 2021

The Best Smart Thermostat for Home Automation

One of the first few things even non-enthusiast users make “smart” in their home is the Thermostat. This is ...
04 Jan 2021

PyScript Modules for Repeatable Automations

The Home Assistant world is abuzz with the idea of Blueprints: repeatable automation logic with different inputs. While ...
25 Dec 2020

The Woes of Custom Hardware

Like many others, I find myself unhappy with some of the Home Automation Hardware (sensors, switches, etc) available and...
17 Dec 2020

Blueprints: Getting Beyond Hello World

“Hello World” is well known amongst computer programmers and tech enthusiasts. It can be defined as the simp...
06 Dec 2020

Working with Xiaomi Sensors

Whether you’re using ZHA or Zigbee2MQTT, working with Xiaomi Sensors can be a bit difficult. Why is it so hard? Th...